Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment

February 1, 2010

Alex is in the midst of a divorce, fighting custody battles for her 6-yr-old son and 2-year-old daughter, and living with her new boyfriend, Tony. Dr. Phil sits down with her to talk about her choices in men, making ends meet, and her desire to be a mom. And, Alex confronts her mother about the resentment she's harbored for the last few years that stems from a painful incident from the past. Then Erin reveals information about her childhood that may explain her behavior and opens up about the state of her marriage. She's feeling lonely and shares her struggle with Dr. Phil. 


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.

  • "I spend about seven hours of my week in either therapy, parenting class, mental health class, or domestic violence prevention class. During these classes, I will have to say I have really learned a lot about myself and about how to handle events I now know I was not handling the right way." Read more of Alex's candid thoughts on her blog.  
  • "I am not very good at sugarcoating things. I call people out. I am quite good at backing someone into a corner and making that person feel completely offended and inadequate. I finally have come to the realization this may help me feel better for a few moments, at the great expense of my relationship with the person." Read more on Erin's blog.
  • Katherine shares how her vision board helps her achieve goals. Watch her video blog.

Dr. Phil responds to viewers' criticism of the Dr. Phil Family and shares why he's not giving up on them. Watch now.



"Are You Holding Yourself to a High Enough Standard?"

Dr. Phil speaks with Alex about her future and offers a strong warning about moving forward with the new man in her life.





"I think, right now, that would be a horrible idea."  



"You Did Betray My Trust"

Erin joins Dr. Phil and Alexandra. Find out why Alexandra struggles to let go of her pain and anger and why she feels her mom resents her.





Can mother and daughter move past their emotional roadblocks and heal their relationship?


Erin and Alex's relationship has improved since working through Dr. Phil's Communication Audit. Click here to take the audit, and see how in tune you are to your child's needs and what behaviors you might need to work on.


"Someone Was Kind to Me …"

Marty and Erin have devoted the last six years to raising their grandchildren. Erin reveals to Dr. Phil that she once succumbed to someone, and it felt great.  




Learn why there are times when Erin isn't sure she wants to be married to Marty.